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Three Little Birds Chewelry LLC

Wood Stamps + Roller (5pk)

Wood Stamps + Roller (5pk)

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Introducing Dough Ball play Dough stamps and roller!!

Hunter is the "middle" bird and is a high sensory need kiddo. Hunter wants to show other kids they arnt alone and that if you keep your hands busy you can stay calm while learning skills!!

Hunter is passionate about opening his side of the business and has been BEGGING us to finally share it.

Stamp details:

Approved for ages 3 & 👆 under supervision. It comes with 5 stamps & 1 wooden roller.

1.5x1.5 inch wooden block stamps

Care: Oil occasionally with food grade oil if play dough seems to stick often.

Discard with any sign of chipping or splitting we will replace any faulty stamps up to 14 days.


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